About KCSO

Our Mission is to sustainably manage and protect Kosrae's biodiversity and natural heritage through community engagement and partnerships for the benefit of present and future generations.

Who We Are
The Kosrae Conservation & Safety Organization is a nonprofit conservation NGO, started in 1998 by a small group of island residents wanting to ensure the preservation of the Kosrae Island resources for generations to come. This group formed the founding directors; Rev. Madison Nena, Mrs. Katrina Adams, Mrs. Nora Sigrah, Mr. Fred Skilling and Mr. Simpson Abraham. KCSO remained a small, volunteer based organization until 2003 when Mr. Andy George came on as the organization's first Executive Director. Since then, KCSO has grown. Today, the organization has a staff of 8 and an annual estimated budget of $150,000.

As a non-profit conservation NGO, KCSO can only commit itself to achieving certain goals specified in the strategic plan devised by the KCSO Board and staff. The organization truly believes that these goals can be accomplished through partnerships and support from the local communities, implementing partners, and the donor community. With funding and technical support from our partners, KCSO has been able to implement various environmental projects under its three main programs, namely the Marine Conservation Program, the Environmental Education Program and the Terrestrial Conservation Program. KCSO is fortunate to have fostered a strong working relationship with all our partners and in all honesty we are grateful.

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