Terrestrial Monitoring

Terrestrial Biodiversity Program

Students at Utwe Biosphere Preserve
One of Kosrae Conservation and Safety Organization's main programs is the Terrestrial Conservation Program. The terrestrial conservation program has two primary intentions. First, it is designed to deal with issues, concerns, and problems severely impacting Kosrae's terrestrial biodiversity and natural resources. Second, it is intended to promote conservation efforts and practices carried out by the local communities. These intentions will continue to provide KCSO the opportunity to address the various problems associated with terrestrial biodiversities, while helping to create solutions to these problems and recognize communities for their conservation efforts. KCSO Terrestrial Program is committed to:

  • Protecting Kosrae's terrestrial biodiversities and ecosystems
  • Collecting data through studies and surveys to support our terrestrial conservation efforts.
  • Working with local communities to set up watershed and upland forest protected areas in Kosrae.
  • Understanding plant biodiversity of Kosrae including their cultural uses
Student group at Utwe Biosphere Preserve